As the Ceremonial Head of State, the President is the symbolic figure representing Singapore at ceremonies and internationally.

Foreign Relations

All foreign ambassadors-designate and high commissioners-designate will present their credentials to the President before assuming office in Singapore. The President also presents letters of credence to ambassadors-designate and high commissioners-designate of Singapore before they leave to assume office overseas.

The President promotes friendship and economic ties between Singapore and other countries by hosting and engaging visiting dignitaries and making State Visits overseas.

A meeting between countries at the Head of State level is the highest form of a diplomatic exchange. Such exchanges promote international and bilateral trade and investments, and cooperation in various areas such as defence, education, research and development, and arts and culture, to open doors to opportunities around the world that Singaporeans can tap on.

Officiating at State Events & Conferment of National Awards

As the highest office of the land, the Presidency is vested with several ceremonial functions.

Each Parliament session is opened by the President who will deliver a Presidential address laying out the key challenges for each term of government.

The President officiates at swearing-in ceremonies of key appointment-holders such as the Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, the Chief Justice and Judges of the Supreme Court.

The annual National Day Parade is officiated by the President.

The President also confers awards, such as the National Day Awards, on the advice of the Cabinet.