The portraits of President and Mr Mohamad Abdullah Alhabshee are available for collection from 3 November 2017. The unframed portraits are provided at no cost to organisations. Government ministries and agencies are advised to consolidate all individual requests as far as possible and fill up the request form before e-mailing it to istana_feedback@istana.gov.sg. The request form is available here.

Upon approval of the request, a representative can bring a duplicate copy of the request form and acknowledgement email to collect the portraits from:

Level 1 Lobby Area

140 Hill Street

Old Hill Street Police Station

Singapore 179369

(c/o Ministry of Communications and Information)

The portraits can be collected every Friday (except public holidays). 


Guidelines & directives on display of the Portraits

  • When facing the portraits, the portrait of the President must be positioned on the left and the portrait of Mr Mohamed on the right.

  • Both portraits must be framed, hung as a pair and at the same height.

  • If the symbol of the state crest is to be displayed with these portraits, it should be placed between the two portraits, with its top in line with the tops of the frames of the portraits. No other pictures, photographs, emblems or notices should be placed above or immediately beside the portraits. (Note: Permission for the display of the state crest is given only to governmental organs, ministries and statutory boards, as well as Singapore embassies located abroad. For enquiries on the use of the state crest, please contact the National Heritage Board at e-mail address: nhb_nationalsymbols@nhb.gov.sg.)

  • The distances between the two portraits, or between the state crest and the portraits, are not subjected to any specifications. 

  • In choosing a suitable site to display the portraits, care should be taken to ensure that the portraits are accorded decorum.  Appropriate places include areas where the public normally visits and where official business is conducted, for example, the main lobbies (except for lift lobbies), reception counters and general offices. They can be displayed at public waiting areas of passport and permit offices, polyclinics, hospitals, banks, military establishments, hotels, embassies, country clubs etc. Other places include areas where the public and/or staff assemble for official business, such as auditoriums, conference rooms and meeting rooms.

  • The portraits should not be displayed at places where games and entertainment take place or where food and drinks are served, for example, karaoke lounges, games room, jackpot rooms, amusement centres, arcades, canteens, bars, pubs, beer and dining halls.