Istana 150

Commemorating our Past, Embracing the Future

The Istana 150 Commemorative Event

President Halimah and Mr Mohamed Abdullah Alhabshee hosted close to 2,000 visitors at the Istana 150 Commemorative Event on Sunday, 6 October 2019. Visitors to the Istana 150 Commemorative Event were treated to a scintilalting lightshow projected on the Istana Main Building facade, as well as a series of live performances by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and other local talents such as Chloe Chua, 53A, Clement Chow, Rahimah Rahim, Tay Kewei and Nick Zavior, MICappella and CAMOKAKIS.



“Istana 150 will be a useful opportunity for us to reflect on our history as a nation and the values that have guided us so far. The Istana has journeyed with Singaporeans over the past 150 years, becoming a key part of our collective memories and identity. It is important that we see this commemoration as an occasion to dig deep into our heritage as one people, because how we have arrived at where we are today will shape who we will be tomorrow.


I also look forward to involving VWOs and persons with disabilities in the upcoming commemorative activities. Many of them, despite their disabilities, have great talents.  I hope that Istana 150 can also be a platform for them to showcase their passions, whether it is in artworks to be featured in our Istana books or a performance at our Istana Open House,” President Halimah Yacob.


Who we are will shape who we will become in future. The “Istana 150” commemoration will look at how Istana has been a part of the Singapore story and dig deep into our heritage and history. A series of souvenirs, books and events will be launched throughout 2019.  All proceeds from these projects will be donated to charity through the President’s Challenge. 

Faces of the Istana

Faces of the Istana is a three-part web video series which features the people of Istana. The video series is produced in collaboration with The Straits Times, as part of Istana 150 commemoration.

Chief Butler

Having worked in the President's Office for over two decades, Chief Butler, Francis Ho has served numerous local guests and foreign dignitaries in the course of his work. Francis is proud to be working at the Istana. Watch Francis and his team as they go about getting the Istana ready for events such as Istana Open Houses!

The Curator

Assistant Curator, Poh Joo Nam and Hamid Sudi, are part of the NParks team that maintain the greenery at the Istana. Watch Joo Nam and Hamid share about their affection tending to the Istana’s sprawling greenery.

The Chef

Affectionately known as “Uncle Hoon” to everyone in Istana, he has been a chef at the Istana for over 55 years, and has served all the Singapore’s Presidents and Prime Ministers, since our nation’s independence. Watch Uncle Hoon sharing about his day at work, and reflecting on the countless guests and foreign dignitaries he has served.

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