Appointment of New Member of Council of Presidential Advisers

The President has appointed Mr Eddie Teo as a member of the Council of Presidential Advisers (CPA), on the advice of the Chief Justice, under Article 37B(2)(a)(iii) from      15 August 2018 to 1 June 2020.

He will replace Mr Lee Tzu Yang, who stepped down as a member of the Council on 6 August 2018 after being sworn in as Chairman of Public Service Commission.

27 August 2018

The Council of Presidential Advisers (CPA) 

The Constitution of Singapore gives the Elected President custodial and discretionary powers in the safeguarding of the past reserves of the Government and 5th Schedule Statutory Boards and Government Companies (5th Schedule SBGCs[1]), and in the appointments of key personnel in the public service and 5th Schedule SBGCs. 

The Constitution also provides for a Council of Presidential Advisers (CPA) to advise the President in the exercise of these custodial and discretionary powers. It is obligatory for the President to consult the CPA when exercising her discretionary powers related to all fiscal and appointment-related matters.

The Council comprises eight members and two alternate members. Three members are appointed by the President at her discretion; three are the Prime Minister's nominees; one is the Chief Justice's nominee; and one is the nominee of the Chairman of the Public Service Commission.  One alternate member is appointed by the President at her discretion while the other is appointed by the President on the advice of the Prime Minister, in consultation with the Chief Justice and Chairman of Public Service Commission

CPA membership is drawn into 3 divisions. Each division has one member appointed by the President in her discretion and one member appointed on the Prime Minister’s advice. In addition, the first division has a member appointed on the Chief Justice’s advice, and the second division has a member appointed on the PSC Chairman’s advice. Each member’s appointment expires every sixth year.  The 3 divisions are staggered so that every 2 years, all seats in a division will expire together.  If a seat is prematurely vacated, the Constitution provides that the term of the replacement member is subject to the expiry date of the member he replaces, so as to preserve the staggering. Alternate members are appointed on a four-year term. 






[1] The 5th Schedule SBGCs are: Central Provident Fund Board, Housing and Development Board, Jurong Town Corporation, Monetary Authority of Singapore, GIC Pte Ltd and Temasek Holdings Pte Ltd.