Istana 150 Commemoration kick starts with Istana 150 Logo Competition at National Day Istana Open House

To celebrate National Day, the Istana grounds was opened to the public on Sunday, 29 July 2018, from 8.30am to 6.00pm.

Istana turns 150 next year

The Istana, one of Singapore's oldest heritage sites, will turn 150 next year. An Istana 150 logo competition was held during the National Day Istana Open House (IOH) to kick start the series of events and activities to commemorate this landmark anniversary. Many visitors submitted their ideas at the Istana 150 logo competition booth.

The logo competition will run from 29 July to 29 September 2018. Those interested to participate can still do so by requesting for a copy of the participation form via email: The winning entry will be unveiled by President Halimah at the Deepavali Istana Open House on 6 November 2018.

"The Istana 150 logo competition is the first of many events and activities planned for the Istana 150 commemoration. I am happy that many Singaporeans submitted their designs today at the Istana Open House, and I look forward to more doing so in the coming weeks. The Istana has journeyed with the nation over the past 150 years, becoming a key part of our collective memories and identity. I hope that the chosen logo will encapsulate this Singapore spirit and help us mark this joyous occasion next year." said President Halimah.

President Halimah announced the commemoration of the Istana 150th anniversary last week during the launch of a book on Singapore’s 72 national monuments, of which the Istana is one. She had invited Singaporeans to get involved in the events and activities planned for the milestone year.



President’s Office

29 July 2018