Istana will be open to the public for the first time at night on the Sunday of its anniversary weekend next year

~ Roving exhibition in the heartlands, multi-media Istana tours, Istana books and souvenirs among other commemorative activities ~

One of Singapore's oldest heritage sites, the Istana will turn 150 next year. On the side lines of the Deepavali Istana Open House (IOH), President Halimah Yacob unveiled the "Istana 150" logo and announced a series of events and activities to commemorate this landmark anniversary in 2019.

A key highlight of the commemoration will be a special Istana 150 Open House, which will be held on the Sunday (6 October 2019) of the anniversary weekend next year. During this Open House, the Istana will open its doors to members of the public for the first time at night.

To bring the history and heritage of the Istana closer to Singaporeans, a roving exhibition about the Istana will travel across Singapore, including to our national libraries. The President’s Office will also be launching multi-media tours of the Istana and its buildings, which will provide Singaporeans with a first-hand experience of exploring the grandeur Istana grounds.

A series of commemorative books and souvenirs will also be launched throughout the year. All proceeds will be donated to charity through the President’s Challenge.

The President’s Office will be partnering other public and private organisations, as well as voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) and persons with disabilities, in all the commemorative activities.

Speaking to the media after unveiling the "Istana 150" logo, President Halimah said: "Istana 150 will be a useful opportunity for us to reflect on our history as a nation and the values that have guided us so far. The Istana has journeyed with Singaporeans over the past 150 years, becoming a key part of our collective memories and identity. It is important that we see this commemoration as an occasion to dig deep into our heritage as one people, because how we have arrived at where we are today will shape who we will be tomorrow.

I also look forward to involving VWOs and persons with disabilities in the upcoming commemorative activities. Many of them, despite their disabilities, have great talents. I hope that Istana 150 can also be a platform for them to showcase their passions, whether it is in artworks to be featured in our Istana books or a performance at our Istana Open House."

President’s Office

6 November 2018