Gallery Etiquette

We appreciate your help in making the visit to the IHG an enjoyable experience. Do take note of the following:


Care for the Gallery

Refrain from touching any items that are on open display, and treat the gallery’s electronic items with care.


Children Visitors

All children aged 12 years and below must be accompanied by adults at all times.


Consideration for Others

For the convenience and comfort of all visitors, please switch your mobile devices to silent mode and refrain from talking or laughing loudly. Refrain from bringing bulky items into the gallery and do not obstruct the passage of other visitors.


Group Visits

Group visits (when available) should be arranged with the IHG at:  at least two weeks in advance.


Photography and Filming

Visitors are welcome to take photographs without flash for personal use only. Photos of items on display cannot be used for commercial purpose without prior written consent from the President’s Office. For the comfort of all, visitors are advised not to bring selfie sticks and tripods into the gallery.


Safety and Security

Your safety is important to us. Please do not lean on the display cases or run about in the gallery. The gallery is monitored by security cameras.


Food and Drink

Food and drinks are not allowed in the gallery.


Respectable Behaviour

Our staff and volunteers have the right to work in a safe environment free from violence, abuse or threatening behavior. The IHG reserves the right to ask any person acting in an unacceptable manner to leave the Gallery.