President’s Challenge Memorabilia


President’s Challenge Memorabilia at the Istana Heritage Gallery


In 2018, President Halimah Yacob launched a new series of President’s Challenge (PC) Memorabilia. During her visits to various PC beneficiaries, President Halimah was inspired by how art was able to bring colour and expressions to the lives of the beneficiaries. President Halimah therefore wanted to create this new series of memorabilia to help raise awareness of the social causes as well as give the beneficiaries a greater sense of pride and achievement in their artwork. Showcasing artwork of scenes within the Istana and hand drawn by beneficiaries, the series includes leather key chains, luggage tags, notebooks, bookmarks, and magnets.   


The PC Memorabilia is available to visitors who make a donation to President’s Challenge during the Istana Open Houses. They are also available at the IHG.